Tips to grow your business…

It’s been another year and Salon owners have been working hard to increase market share, build new customer loyalty, change up merchandise inventories to generate higher revenue and meet their goals. One strategy may be to offer different, or additional, products or services. The more diversity in products and services a salon can offer, the more likely they are to get new customers ….or more revenue from their existing customers.—The situation is similar to comparing a retailer who is only selling sneakers to one who offers a wider line of footwear . . . boots, sandals, sneakers, dress and casual shoes. Still, the overriding strategy for success always involves maintaining clear focus on the business and actively putting timely, well planned business operations and marketing activities in motion. This is what makes the greatest difference in the today’s competitive marketplace.


Here are a few tips in growing your business . . .

How to Start a Salon

  1. Research! Visit Tanning Salons
  2. Develop a Business Plan
  3. Secure Start-Up Capital
  4. Choose a Location
  5. Buy Equipment
  6. Staff Assessment
  7. Start Marketing
  8. Open Doors

Tips to Opening a Tanning Salon

  1. Location, Location, Location
  2. Lease negotiation is a must
  3. Choosing the décor and genderfriendly atmosphere
  4. Choose the right beds and provide different levels of tanning
  5. Choose one software you are comfortable with
  6. Establish pricing before you open. Doyour homework!
  7. Lobby/waiting areas should be enticing and comfortable. First impressions count!
  8. Choose supplemental products wisely!
  9. Hire sincere, well groomed people and educate them
  10. Stay informed of current industry news & trends
  11. No Appts. Too much time scheduling, cancelling or changing

Tips for Success

  1. Set a quality standard at your salon
  2. Carry product lines or brands that are familiar to the consumer with good reputations
  3. Ask customers the right questions to determine the right products for their skin
  4. Offer tanning products that have a wide appeal and your staff can discuss their benefits
  5. Be confident in the products you are selling
  6. Display products next to the point of purchase area
  7. Receptionist is your sales rep for your lotions and tanning packages
  8. Set goals and offer commissions

Marketing Tips

  • Brand image is the primary element of the tanning business. Beauty is wha the customer is buying.
  • Escape refers to giving people a place to go and relax. Give customers the ‘star’ treatment
  • Convenience is a focus for marketing messages
  • Regulars are the bulk of your business
  • Pricing and delivery needs to be smooth and easy
  • Current customers database is your firm’s marketing goldmine
  • Develop incentives to get people to return to your salon
  • Target advertising to potential tanners not the general masses
  • Don’t promote your brand by the type of beds you have
  • As much as customers are technically savvy regarding watts, UVA . . . they ultimately care most about getting a good tan.
  • Your salon is the first impression. Make it count by keeping it immaculate!
  • Word of mouth is the number one marketing tool but can’t stand alone
  • Know where your customers found out about your salon
  • Customer service sets you apart from competition
  • Direct mail is heavily used within a 2 mile area to your salon
  • New salons on an average spend 12% of their revenues to keep new customers coming in the door

Have you done . . .

  • Membership/Salon information packs
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Bridal Packages
  • Signage costs, safety, equipment/product branding
  • Social Media
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Direct Mail
  • Text Blasts

Promotions . . .

  • Lucky 7’s . . . 7 tans 7 days 7 dollars with upgrade ½ off.
  • Marketing w/Health Club . . . create a discount membership for people who work out at a gym
  • $10 gift cards for Christmas—sent 1700 and response was good
  • Text Blasts. . . Buy 1 get 1 Free, ½ price single, Buy 2 Get 2 Free, Free Tan Day once a month

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