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[collapsed title="GIVE ME A FLEX!, Smart Tan Jan. 2015"]

The new CosmoLux 9K90 is an imprived version of the industry's favorite lamp. The exceptional levels of power and output are enhanced by its versatile 160-200W capability . . .  Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Inspired Ideas--How It's Made: Low Pressure Tanning Lamps, Smart Tan Dec. 2014"]

A low-pressure lam is essentially a special class of flurorescent lamp. A fluorescent lamp is a practival example of what is scientifically referred to as a 'rare gas mercury arc discharge device." Setting aside for a moment this scientfic description, the same principles of operation  . . .  Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="CosmoLux 9K90 is Nominated for the 11th Year --- IST Industry Choice Award! November 2014 IST Magazine"]

Yes, for the 11th year in the Low Pressure Lamp Category!!!  . . .  . . . Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Add Some OOMPH! November 2014 Hot Products Smart Tan Magazine"]

Your lamps should work as hard as you do, so bring the new CosmoLux VHR-XT into your salon today! The latest advances . . . Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cosmedico Introduces Two New Lamps, Corp. Update November 2014 Smart Tan Magazine"]

Cosmedico, the oldest, premium and leading tanning brand worldwide, recently added two new varieties to it's extensive line of high-performance tanning lamps. The CosmoLux VHR-XT is a 160W high-quality workhorse inspired by the latest advances in European ultraviolet technology. It's produced wit the highest qualifty raw materials and newest advances in UV lamp technology  . . . Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Performance & Reliabilty: Delivered! by John Ribner,October 2014 IST Magazine"]

With it's two latest additions to the CosmoLux line, Cosmedico Light, Inc. continues to set the standard for sunlamp performance and reliability, then continues to exceed it! Team Cosmedico is proud to announce the CosmoLux VHR XT and CosmoLux VHR 9K90 FLEX for the 2015 season. Both sunlamp models are an improvememt over the company's wildly popular CosmoLux series  . . . Read More [/collapsed]


[collapsed title="Tanning Alive and Well at FIBO 2014"]

It’s For the first time in 7 years the European tanning industry has an event to call their own! FIBO, is the worldwide Leading Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health, opened its doors to the tanning industry for this year's expo. The event took place April 3-6 in beautiful Cologne, Germanuy. This  . . . Read More [/collapsed]



[collapsed title="Cosmedico's 9K90, Ten Years and Still in a Class of Its Own! "]

It’s easy to forget what a great year 2004 was; after all it was 10 years ago now. It was a year of great achievement and unforgettable milestones.  Almost every aspect of society was changed in some way. Positive changes and heartbreaking loses summed up the year and yet, as always, we kept moving forward.  NASA landed an unmanned rover on Mars  . . . Read More [/collapsed]



[collapsed title="Cosmedico is the ICA Award Winner for the 10th YEAR for the 9K90 Lamp by IST Magazine! "]

December 2013, Ten years in a row and no looking back! Cosmedico is thrilled with the news that for a tenth consecutive year our CosmoLux9K90 has been chosen as the IST Industry Choice Award Winner for Favorite Low-Pressure Tanning Lamp! When we first set out to develop the CosmoLux 9K90 it was because of salon owners countrywide demanding a tanning lamp with never before seen UVA and . . . Read More [/collapsed]


[collapsed title="It's Official . . . ITA Recommends, 'No Health Claims' "]

November 2013, IST MAGAZINE, When it comes to making health claims about indoor tanning, the Indoor Tanning Association has taken a firm stand: as a group, its members are against it. The ITA urges salon owners to stop making health claims about UV tanning services. This means . . . Read More [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="THE VOTES ARE IN! Cosmedico is nominated for the 10th YEAR -----for the IST Magazine 2013 Industry Choice Award! "]

October 2013, Congratulations on being a 2013 Industry Choice Award Nominee from IST Magazine!  Top 5 nominees from each category will be featured in November issue.  The winners are chosen based on the highest number of votes that was placed from September 1-30.  These winners will be announced in the December issue. Congratulations Cosmedico for being a nominee again for the 9th year!! Good Luck!![/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cosmedico’s Brendan Mccarthy and Steve Schlitt Visit NARVA and JK in Germany!"]

July 2013, Cosmedico’s Brendan Mccarthy and Steve Schlitt visited NARVALicht. This is the plant in Brand-Erbisdorf, Germany where all of their low pressure lamps are manufactured. They were happy to be accompanied JK Light N.A’s Bobby Wagner and Monika Stuber for the visit. Hosted by NARVA CEO Dr. Roland Michal, and rest of the team that produces the world’s best tanning lamps, they got an in depth look at their manufacturing process. Later in the trip the four representatives from Cosmedico and JK Light N.A. traveled to Windagen, Germany for a visit at the JK offices and their sunbed manufacturing facilities and got a glimpse into the production of some of the greatest tanning units in the world.

Both visits were beneficial to all parties. “It is always good to have face to face gatherings with our customers and our team from the United States” said Dr. Michal. “Nothing is better than a good in person discussion to solve any issues and create new ideas.” Both parties were impressed at the cleanliness and efficiency of the NARVA facility and came away with a greater understanding of how Cosmedico provides the best quality tanning lamps year after year. “I’m amazed at the precision and detail that is involved in producing each individual lamp, NARVA’s attention to detail is second to none” said Bobby Wagner of NARVA’s production process.

Brendan and Steve could not have been more impressed by JK’s facilities and employees. “I understand why JK is so highly regarded in the US and worldwide” said Brendan “The quality starts here in Windagen, at the first stages of manufacturing, and carried out until the units are placed in salons throughout the world.” Brendan, Steve, Bobby, and Monika all came away from both visits with a greater understanding what makes each company top class. The attention to detail and passion that goes into their work makes it easier for Cosmedico and JK to succeed in North America.

Brendan and Steve would like to send special thanks to everyone involved for making their trip a huge success. This includes Dr. Roland Michal, Uwe Zimmerman, Dirk Dienel, JergenMeltke, and everyone from team NARVA. They would also want to send gratitude to everyone at JK for their unbelievable hospitality. This includes JurgenGerstenmeier, Norbert Klein,BrigetteWirtgen, and the best tour guide in Germany, Michael Kumpel.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cosmedico Light Creates Company Facebook Page to Keep In-touch with Customers and Distributors!"]

June 2013, Cosmedico’s new Facebook page allows instant announcements of industry current trends, upcoming tradeshows, federal and state industry news and more! The best part is sharing Cosmedico product successes, end customer stories, promotional ideas . . . that help us better understand current market acitivity. If YOU and your tanning salon or bulb distributorship have a story you would like to share . . . LIKE Cosmedico on Facebook at and tell us about it![/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Thank you JK North America!"]

Yes, Thank You to JK North America for their great job hosting the 2013 West Coast Tanning Expo in Las Vegas! A first class event in every way and what we have come to expect from JK.. We would also like to congratulate tanFASTiq Spa, Sunkissed tanning and Beauty, and Sunnyside Tanning Salon for winning free cases of Cosmedico tanning Lamps . . .[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Visit Cosmedico at the 6th Annual West Coast Tanning Expo, Booth #17 . . . June 10th and 11th in Las Vegas!!"]

Swing by our booth at Caesar's Palace on June 10th and 11th to say hello to Kevin and Brendan and get your lamp questions answered! Surprise Giveaways! "This isn't the real Caeser's Palace, is it? "  Click here for more show information! See you there!" [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="April 2013, Kevin Apgar and Brendan McCarthy of Cosmedico Light, Inc hosted Dr. Roland Michal from NARVA Lichtquellen, GmbH, Brand-Erbisdorf Germany, on a trip to PC Tan in Ridgefield, NJ"] 

While visiting PC Tan, Paul Manke and Susan Miller helped introduce Dr. Michal to the intricacies and joys of dealing with tanning salons in the USA.  The group visited 2 Beach Bums Tanning salons and Body Works Tanning in Garfield, NJ.  Dr. Michal got to see the inner workings of these highly successful and unique salons while discussing and learning about the many issues and challenges of operating salons in the US.  

On April 23, Kevin, Brendan and Dr. Michal were hosted by Jill and Karisa Yablon at their Pottstown, PA Caribbean Hot Spot tanning salon.  Jill and Karisa, recently acquired 3 new locations and happily took the 3 gentlemen on a tour of one of their new locations.  Congratulations to Jill, Karisa and the entire Caribbean Hot Spot team!"[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="March 2013, Cosmedico Sales Manager visits Island Tan & Swimwear to review Cosmedico lamps usage, performance, maintenance and customer satisfaction."]

On Wednesday February 27th Cosmedico Light Inc.’s Sales and Customer Service Manager Brendan McCarthy visited Island Tan and Swimwear’s three locations in Jackson, TN. He was accompanied by Four Seasons Sales and Services Manager of Parts and Lamps Darren French. Island Tan has been in business for over 20 years and has experienced great success in the ever changing tanning business. Owner Rex Russom has a solid business plan and an exceptional knowledge of his cliental that has helped him to endure in even the most trying times.

Brendan first observed the modern, vibrant look and cleanliness of the salons. “You could eat off the floors at each location.” said Brendan. “You can tell Rex takes pride in making his customers feel comfortable and appreciated.” The salon’s modern look is enhanced by Rex’s wide offerings of tanning beds, stand up units, spray booths, and lotions. He also carries an expansive line of swimwear and beach fashion. “Keeping things fresh in our salons is key.” explained Rex. “We know our tanners and a lot of them visit right before vacation and the summer months. People love the convenience of us carrying high quality items such as lotions and swimwear. At any given time we stock over 10,000 articles of swimwear. Diversity is the key.”  

Darren French is a veteran to the tanning business and he often uses trusted salon owners, such as Rex, to be great sources of feedback. “Rex is the type of salon owner that really pays attention to detail.” said French. “He really focuses on his customers’ needs and chooses his equipment and lamps very carefully. He is a fiercely loyal customer of Four Seasons and Cosmedico Light. His first choice in lamps is always Cosmedico or the Radiance lamps produced by Cosmedico. Having great people on the ground level of the tanning business is an invaluable asset to the industry and Rex is one of the best.”

When Brendan asked about any changes Cosmedico could make to improve their lamp’s performance Rex’s answer was short and to the point, “Don’t ever mess with the 9K90’s, they are the best lamps I have ever used in any piece of equipment. The performance and reliability meets and often exceeds my expectations. My customers would know right away and if they were replaced by a different type of lamp and they would not be happy.”

Between the superb service provided by Four Seasons, the exceptional product provided by Cosmedico, and Rex’s ability to provide a spectacular salon experience, the salon customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. It takes teamwork and communication to be successful in business. When a manufacturer, distributor, and salon have such a great working relationship it helps make everyone more successful. There are many great salons and salon owners across this country and Rex represents one of the best.

Photos: (left) Rex Russom, Owner of Island Tan, Darren French, Manager Parts of Four Seasons

For more information on Island Tan and Swimwear visit and you can review more information on Cosmedico at[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cosmedico’s Searchable 2013 Lamp Compatibility Chart Let’s Salon Owners Maximize Tanning Manufacturing Equipment More Efficiently."]

For years Cosmedico has provided the Salon Owner with a lamp compatibility chart to select lamps quicker and more efficiently to meet their salon needs. Now with the number of tanning lamps in the market, the salon owner has found this chart very useful in their selection process. This updated 50 page chart can be searched by lamp name and item number to find different Cosmedico lamps by description/wattage and rated hours that can be substituted and used.

“As a distributor salesperson it is essential to keep up with the lamp product changes in the market. The Cosmedico Compatibility Chart has been very helpful in finding the ‘right’ compatible lamp that will meet my customer’s satisfaction and keeps them State and FDA compliant.” Said Marcie Snyder, Senior Salesperson at Four Seasons Sales and Service

“Over the years I have sold a variety of different manufacturer’s tanning lamps and with this Compatibility Chart, it reminds me once again why Cosmedico is the leader in the market. They have provided us the tools to make our jobs easier and also have kept us up to date in product information.” Said Snyder

“It was our objective from the start to list all the tanning lamps in the market and show how each competitive tanning lamp had a corresponding Cosmedico lamp to compare to in performance, durability and long life.” Said Kevin Apgar, President of Cosmedico Light, Inc. “We have only gotten complements from the salon owners for providing such a simple but effective tool for them. It is very important to us that our lamps are used in the correct equipment to ensure best performance while adhering to state and FDA guidelines. This year the chart increased to 50 pages . . . and the capability of searching by name or description has continued to be one of our most used documents downloaded off our website.”

For more information, please review our website,


[collapsed title="Winner for 9 consecutive years! Cosmedico receives 2012 Industry Choice Award from Island Sun Times for the 9K90!"]

The 9K90 is a superb product that was developed as a result of requests from salon owners that Cosmedico offer a lamp with more UVA and longer usable life to give the salon owner a better value. Cosmedico continues to not only meet the needs of their salon customers, but exceeds them!  As a result of Cosmedico’s continuing efforts, their products are continually met with critical acclaim in the marketplace.

The 9K90 family of lamps was created with the objective of producing never-before-attained UVA while delivering UV maintenance of +90% at 100 hours. The revolutionary 9K90 technology is produced using a precise blend of four phosphors – a blend never before used in a lamp product and is fully supported by a Cosmedico US Patent. It produces a spectrum unlike that of any other low pressure sunlamp. Peak power has been ‘shifted to the right’ and is found at +/- 365 nm-a spectral power distribution that mirrors filtered high pressure lamps. CosmoLux 9K90 lamps provide all the benefits of high pressure tanning in a low pressure format.

‘Again, for the 9th time!----the Cosmedico Light team thanks all of our customers for helping keep the 9K90 on the top’ Kevin Apgar, President of Cosmedico said after hearing the winning news for the 2012 Industry Choice Award from the Island Sun Times.

Cosmedico also wishes to congratulate Four Seasons Sales and Service for winning favorite lamp <120W with the RADIANCE by Cosmedico Light.  Cosmedico is proud to partner with and supply the RADIANCE brand of lamps to Four Seasons… Congratulations!!!

Thanks again to all the faithful and hardworking salons across the country who continue to recognize and reward Cosmedico for their innovative and award winning products!


[collapsed title="Cosmedico Light Launches New Website to showcase their Leading Industry Indoor Tanning Lamp Products and Grow Your Business Tips to the Salon Owner!"]

Known for their leading and innovative indoor tanning lamps in the industry, Cosmedico Light launches a new interactive website for salon owners, distributors and potential new distributors domestically. Cosmedico products are diverse in Low Pressure HO Lamps 80W-120W, Low Pressure VHO Lamps 140W-225W, Compact Lamps & High Pressure Facials as well as Components and Accessories.

Cosmedico has been recognized in the industry for the introduction of the 9K90 series of lamps a few years ago. In reply to salon owner requests, the 9k90® family of lamps was created with the objective of producing never-before-attained UVA while delivering UV maintenance of +90% at 100 hours. The revolutionary 9k90® technology is produced using a precise blend of four phosphors – a blend never before used in a tanning lamp product and is fully supported and protected by a Cosmedico US Patent. This lamp produces a spectrum unlike that of any other low pressure sunlamp. Peak power has been ‘shifted to the right’ and is found at +/- 365 nm-a spectral power distribution that mirrors filtered high pressure lamps. CosmoLux®9k90 lamps provide all of the benefits of high pressure tanning in a low pressure format.

Since the 9K90 lamp introduction and innovation there has been no other lamp introduced in the market that created so much impact. Cosmedico has been given the IST Industry Choice Award for their 9K90 for 9 consecutive years! Now that’s a winner!

Visit Cosmedico’s new website . . .

If you are a salon owner, give us some of your experiences in the Grow Your Business tab on the Get Educated page . . .  we would enjoy hearing from you.

If you would like to become a distributor of Cosmedico products, please review our page on Be A Distributor and contact us at 781-331-0949.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cosmedico Receives 2012 Smart Tan Industry Achievement Award"]

October, 2012 - On behalf of the entire Smart Tan organization, Cosmedico was presented the 2012 Smart Tan Industry Award. This is recognition for our committed efforts to better the tanning industry and provide continued support to Smart Tan.

‘Smart Tan has done an excellent job in providing current industry, market and consumer trends in the tanning industry’ Kevin Apgar said after receiving the award. ‘We have been so lucky to have a partner in the market that provides the trade such valuable news’.

The Cosmedico team is honored to receive this award.  And, we look forward to continued growth in 2013!

Smart Tan Trade Show Awards Salons Cosmedico Products!

Sunny Dayz Tanning Salon, located in TN and Hawaiian Sun Salon, from VA were winners from the Smart Tan Trade Show in October, 2012.  Both salons received $1250 worth of free Cosmedico lamps and were thrilled to relamp some of their tanning units with these award winning lamps![/collapsed]