History and Timeline

Cosmedico Light. Founding and shaping the industry since 1976.


Kosmedico Licht GmbH founded by Jörg Wolff in Stuttgart, Germany – for the sale of cosmetic and medical UV lamps.


Tanning beds introduced into the U.S. Market


Introduction of ComoLux line of 100W low-pressure UV lamps,; KOS UV and SUPER KOS high-pressure lamps, and CosmoPower ballasts and ignitors.


Cosmedico Light, Inc. established in Chicago, IL.


CosmoLux RCS - one of the first 100W reflector UV lamps – is introduced in Germany and U.S.


CosmoLux VHR   160W reflector lamp introduced in Germany and U.S.; VHR sets industry standards for quality, useful life and tanning results.


CosmoStar Longlife 100W full coat lamp, with a useful life of 1000+ hours, is introduced in Germany and U.S.


HI-TAN 100W full coat lamp and increased UVB energy is introduced in U.S.


Cosmedico Light, Inc. moved offices from Chicago, IL to Braintree, MA


CosmoLux VLR 100W reflector lamp introduced in U.S.


CosmolLux ESP 100W full coat introduced in U.S.


Cosmedico Light, Inc. is instrumental in forming an industry trade organization – what is now known as the Indoor Tanning Association, ITA

CosmoLux VHR-TT 160W reflector, a more powerful VHR, is introduced in the U.S.


President of Cosmedico is elected to ITA Board of Directors. Introduced the CosmoLux ESP/R 100W reflector lamp in U.S., featuring the stable ESP phosphor in a reflector lamp format.

Cosmedico offices moved from Braintree, MA to their free standing, 15k square foot industrial building in Weymouth, MA.


Introduced the CosmoStart /E electronic starter in U.S.


CosmoLux VHR 9K90 160W reflector lamp is introduced in the U.S. The 9K90 technology introduces a revolutionary and patented phosphor never previously used in fluorescent lamps. 9K90 technology sets new industry standards for quality, useful life and tanning results.


Participated in the founding of the UV Foundation, dedicated to researching the positive effects of UV light. CosmoLux VLR 9K90 100w reflector introduced in U.S. Jörg Wolff Foundation is established in 2004


CosmoLux GSP 9K90 100W full coat lamp is introduced in U.S.


Introduced the HI-TAN VHR - a 160W reflector version of the highly popular HI-TAN lamp in the U.S.


Added NTS-Solar Division to Cosmedico Light, Inc.


Kevin Apgar becomes President of Cosmedico Light, Inc. Opened US distribution center in Georgia.


President of Cosmedico lobbies U.S. congressional delegation on behalf of ITA in order to bring attention to the inequity of the ‘tan tax’.

Cosmedico acquires to known brands from Philips and adds them to their distribution system; CLEO HPA High Pressure Lamps and BodyTone Starters.


JW Holding, Cosmedico corporate recognizes Cosmedico as premium worldwide brand group.

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