Low Pressure VHO Lamps, 140W-225W

Our VHO lamps are the most technologically advanced UV sources ever made. Our reflector glass tubes are designed to focus virtually all of the lamp’s energy directly to the body of the tanner. While our full coat lamps provide high premier performance, high quality and longer-lasting capability ---they will always generate more revenue compared to lower quality, short-life products.

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[collapsed title="CosmoLux9K90 VHR"]

The CosmoLux 9K90 family of lamps was created with the objective of producing never-before-attained UVA and with UV maintenance of +90% at 100 hours. The revolutionary 9K90 technology is produced using a precise blend of four phosphors - a blend never before used in any lamp product, covered by US Patent numbers 7,122,952 and 6,984,931 - producing a spectrum unlike that of any other low pressure sunlamp. Peak power has been ‘shifted to the right’ and is found at +/- 365 nm - a spectral power distribution that mirrors filtered high pressure lamps. CosmoLux 9K90 lamps provide all the benefits of high pressure tanning in a low pressure format.

 CosmoLux 9K90 VHR

Product Number 16234 16223 16391
Description FR2.0M FR2.0M FR71
Wattage 225 180-200 160
Base Bi-Pin Bi-Pin Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W) 53.7 45.6 40.3
UVB Flux (W) 0.7 0.6 0.5
Total UV (W) 54.4 46.2 40.8
Rated Hours +600 +1000 +1000
Typical Exp. Time 7-12 Mins. 9-15 Mins. 9-15 Mins.


[collapsed title="HiTan VHR"]

A very strong and aggressive addition to the VHR family of lamps, the HI-TAN VHR has monster UVA and a fist-full of UVB – and is designed for an extremely short exposure schedule. (The HI-TAN VHR is not compatible to any other Cosmedico lamp).


Product Number 16388
Description FR71
Wattage 160
Base Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W) 38.0
UVB Flux (W) 1.3
Total UV (W) 39.3
Rated Hours 700
Typical Exp. Time 8-10 Mins.


[collapsed title="CosmoLux VHR TT"]

The CosmoLux VHR TT was developed on the heels of the success of the VHR. This lamp uses all of the components of the VHR, including the base phosphor, to which we blend a small volume of a stable and aggressive UVB emitter. The lamp has with the same superb tanning properties of the VHR and the added ‘kick’ provided by the UVB component.

 CosmoLux VHR TT

Product Number 16107 16169 16112
Description FR73 FR71 FR59
Wattage 160 160 140
Base RDC Bi-Pin Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W) 38.0 38.0 31.0
UVB Flux (W) 1.2 1.2 1.0
Total UV (W) 39.2 39.2 32.0
Rated Hours 800 800 800
Typical Exp. Time 7-12 Mins. 7-12 Mins. 7-12 Mins.


[collapsed title="CosmoLux VHR"]

The CosmoLux VHR is the most effective, most successful and the most imitated high-wattage lamp ever produced . . . delivering over 8000 micro-watts of UVA per square centimeter, balanced and proportioned UVB and all from a patented, coated phosphor that puts usable life at over 800 hours. Salon owners widely recognize the VHR as “the best lamp money can buy”.

 CosmoLux VHR

Product Number 16220 16180
Description FR2.0M FR71
Wattage 180-200 160
Base Bi-Pin Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W) 41.5 38.0
UVB Flux (W) 1.2 1.1
Total UV (W) 42.7 39.1
Rated Hours 800 800
Typical Exp. Time 9-15 Mins. 9-15 Mins.


[collapsed title="HiTan VHO"]

The HI-TAN VHO is a natural choice for salon owners who want to update their old stand-ups by installing a modern, high energy lamp.


Product Number 16077 16172
Description F73 F72
Wattage 160 160
UVA Flux (W) 33.8 33.8
UVB Flux (W) 1.2 1.2
Total UV (W) 35.0 35.0
Rated Hours 800 800
Typical Exp. Time 7-12 Mins. 7-12 Mins.


[collapsed title="CosmoLux VHO"]

The Cosmolux VHO has been the 160W full-coat choice for salon owners for nearly 15 years. It has strong UVA, exceptional maintenance (90% at 100hours) and true long mount coil construction for high heat applications.

 CosmoLux VHO

Product Number 16161
Description F71
Wattage 160
Base Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W) 30.0
UVB Flux (W) 1.1
Total UV (W) 31.1
Rated Hours 800
Typical Exp. Time 16-24 Mins.


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