Buy Cosmedico – How to order from us…

For Salon Owners one of the most important components to their tanning process are the lamps they use in their equipment.  Knowing this, it is important to make sure you order not only the correct lamps for your tanning unit, but you must be sure the lamps are compatible per FDA guidelines.  When you are ready to order lamps, follow these simple guidelines to help make the process as easy as possible:

  • To order, call 1-800-294-2336
  • Know the make, model and year of your tanning equipment
  • Verify the OEM (original) lamp installed in your tanning unit
    • Length
    • Wattage
    • Reflector/Non-Reflector
  • If the current lamps are not OEM, have this information ready as well
  • Be prepared to discuss what you like/don’t like about the OEM lamp as well as any other lamps you have tried in your units
  • When is the last time you replaced your starters?
  • For 80-100W lamps you should replace your glo-bottle starters every 2-3 lamp changes
  • For 160W+ lamps you should replace your glo-bottle starters every other lamp change
  • Always order a few spare lamps... You can never have enough spare lamps in case of a problem!
  • When you receive your order, be sure to inspect all packages and boxes, don’t let the delivery drive leave until you have signed for any damage that might be present
  • Once you have replaced your lamps, save the packaging so you can pack up your used lamps and…
  • Don’t forget to recycle!

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