Partnering with Cosmedico

Cosmedico customers are sophisticated salon owners who are setting new industry standards in customer service. They buy direct from our distributors and are utilizing the best tanning lamps available today. And we at Cosmedico value partnering with our salon owners and our indoor tanning distributors everyday.

Now, businesses are changing to tailor tanning services to upscale customers and our salon owners are stepping up to meet the demand and grow. For example, salon owners are embracing new business services such as  . . .  engagement parties with tanning, facials, massage, nails and hair styling. Exclusive upscale spa resorts offer tanning, nutrition, yoga, massage, aerobics and more. In addition, tanning salons are offering many different enhancing tanning lotions, eyewear, nail and facial products. The trend in our customer marketplace has become creative in mixing services and products to be more profitable.

It’s the age of relaxation---for all the hard work and play. Serenity. Relaxation. Peace in a pampered sanctuary fit for royalty.

What you can expect from Cosmedico.

For over 35 years Cosmedico has been committed to quality, performance and innovation. Each of their products have set an industry standard for reliability and long life. Each salon owner who have utilized Cosmedico products know the difference when comparing with other manufacturers.

 We have asked our customers to relay their thoughts on our products and why they choose Cosmedico.

‘Most reliable lamp and the most commented from our customers for providing a great tan’

‘I have used Cosmedico and tried to use other less expensive products and Cosmedico’s quality, performance, long life helped me profit more by using them’

‘Cosmedico’s customer service is so helpful in directing us to solutions. It’s not just a lamp manufacturer---they really want to help us exceed our expectations.’

‘It’s the one area of my business I don’t have to worry about. Cosmedico comes through with the best product for us, ordering/delivery is easy---allowing me to concentrate on other parts of my business.’

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